Month: December 2014

Silent But Not Quiet

Here’s an update on blog preparations thus far:

  • I have written the first seven prompts and the topics demonstrate considerable variance.
  • All prompts are scheduled for 10:00 AM EST on Mondays.  If enough people participate, I may invite other bloggers to write prompts on other days.
  • I have updated the blog’s color scheme.  It should be legible for the ocularly challenged; let me know if it gives you problems.
  • The bcandelabra tag was invented for those of you who do not like sifting through pingbacks.
  • I’ve added the ever-popular Twitter feed and Facebook like box to this blog.  The blog also has a contact form in case you should ever desire to contact me privately.

That said, everything is ready to launch as planned on January 5.

Illuminating the Darkness With a Second Blog

Welcome everybody.

I follow quite a few expert writers and I’ve found that some of them would like to pursue writing challenges that are geared to a higher skill level.  This blog will cater to that crowd.

Starting January 5th, I will post a new challenge topic every Monday.  As with the weekly challenges and daily prompts at The Daily Post, participants will publish a post on their own sites and include a link to the original challenge post appearing on this blog.  Pingbacks will display and people can look at what everyone else wrote.

I hope that this challenge will create a community of regular participants as the Daily Post’s challenges have done.

Good luck.  You’re going to need it.