Illuminating the Darkness With a Second Blog

Welcome everybody.

I follow quite a few expert writers and I’ve found that some of them would like to pursue writing challenges that are geared to a higher skill level.  This blog will cater to that crowd.

Starting January 5th, I will post a new challenge topic every Monday.  As with the weekly challenges and daily prompts at The Daily Post, participants will publish a post on their own sites and include a link to the original challenge post appearing on this blog.  Pingbacks will display and people can look at what everyone else wrote.

I hope that this challenge will create a community of regular participants as the Daily Post’s challenges have done.

Good luck.  You’re going to need it.


    1. Hi there. Thanks for participating.

      I approved the pingback even though it will appear on the introductory blog post that appeared last month. If you want other participants to find your post, add a link to the post that appeared today or leave a comment on today’s post that contains a link to your response.

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