Creation and Destruction

For the inaugural writing prompt, I am challenging you to discuss the interrelatedness of creation and destruction.

The destruction of this stadium created a lot of dust.  That's not what's meant with this challenge.  (Photo is in public domain.)

The destruction of this stadium created a lot of smoke and dust.  (Photo is in the public domain.)

Start this process by contemplating something you have experienced, witnessed, or performed that involved some aspect of both creation and destruction.  (If nothing comes to mind, imagine a fictional scenario.)  Try not to use the obvious examples.  For instance, we all know that the creation of a new shopping mall often entails the destruction of an existing natural habitat.

Instead, get philosophical.  Offer a story that sheds light on less commonly considered patterns of creation and destruction.  You might state your underlying message explicitly or you could choose to imply the message within the narration.  Either approach is acceptable and you may narrate with prose, poetry, or drama.

The Titanic's destruction created a legend.  Would we have created so many stories if the voyage had succeeded?  (Image is in the public domain.)

The Titanic’s destruction created a legend. Would we have created so many stories if the voyage had succeeded? (Image is in the public domain.)

Compose and publish your response to this prompt on your own blog.  Be sure to include a link to this post so that a pingback will appear here, thereby allowing other participants to discover your work.  Please be patient if your pingback does not appear immediately; I am not at my computer 24/7 and I have to approve all pingbacks.  For this reason, using the bcandelabra tag may be advisable.


  1. Bumblepuppies, are these going to be WEEKLY challenges or DAILY? Honestly, there’s no way I can be this deep and profound on a daily basis… Great challenge, by the way!

    1. Thanks. 🙂

      These are to be weekly. Although I’ve already drafted the first 10 prompts, I want to make sure that my ideas don’t dry up. I’m probably good for one deep prompt per week.


      If I end up with a lot of participants, I’ll probably start asking around for one or more people to join this blog as an author and write prompts on a different day.

  2. I am ever so grateful. I am not sure I am sufficiently profound for this challenge, but I shall try my best to be worthy of your efforts. I thought about trying to do something similar, but I was not convinced I could maintain it at a properly intelligent level. Brave of you to try. My entry will pop up tomorrow, with pingback. And thanks again.

  3. FYI, my pingback doesn’t seem to have pinged back, so I put it into the preceding comment. No idea why is isn’t working because clicking on it brought me here, so it’s the right address. Oh well. We’ll get it worked out.

    1. That is odd.

      Also, one thing to remember is that I have to manually approve pingbacks. I don’t know of a way to have them appear automatically as they do (when they work) on the Daily Post.

      1. Yes, but it should have appeared so you COULD approve it. It doesn’t seem to have shown up at all. Doobster’s didn’t either. Something is going awry. I don’t mind dropping the link into comments, though, so if you can’t track the problem down, it’s not a deal breaker 🙂

      2. I don’t know what time I approved it, but the pingback appears immediately above this exchange of comments.

        I have nothing against putting links in comments, though.

      3. Well, okay. That’s his. Mine never showed up. And I replaced it and updated twice. Hm. Well, it’s not the only weird thing going on, so maybe it’s me. Though (so far) all my other pingbacks have appeared where they belong. Let’s just call it a mystery. I’ll regenerate it one more time, just … because.

      4. Okay. Deleted old link, installed new link. Updated post. Pingback should appear. Either it does or it doesn’t. If not, I have no idea what to say since this is how I make pingbacks and they work everywhere else. Maybe I’m getting bumped into your spam folder?

      5. I see it and it’s not new there. Look for a comment written by me that says “You’re welcome. 🙂 ” Your pingback appears immediately below that comment.

  4. I just read Marilyn Armstrong’s post for this prompt. I had not heard of it (I live a sheltered life), but now that I have, I will attempt to create something worthy of this intriguing prompt. However, I might not have it until Friday, or possibly even Saturday. But I suppose as long as I have something before next Monday’s prompt, that should be okay. Looks interesting.

    1. Sounds good, and thanks.

      There aren’t any deadlines per se, but I imagine that people will stop looking for other responses once the new prompt comes out on Monday. That’s really the only thing to consider with timing.

      1. It did work. It’s just that I can’t set pingbacks to appear immediately and automatically like the Daily Post does. That’s why I have that boldface blurb at the end of the prompt.

      2. The pingback did work; it was just awaiting moderation. I think Daily Post is the only blog that can set pingbacks to appear automatically. I looked through the available settings and could not find one.

  5. I have only just found this wonderful prompt. I have added your blacklightcnadelabra above the text, where I would the WP prompt, so hope this is satisfactory. I did enjoy having a go! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for participating.

      BTW: What you did is fine. However, including a link to this page would have created a link to your post on this page. It’s really your choice whether you want that or not.

  6. After reading all these comments, I think your next prompt should be “How do you personally rebel when just one anonymous man is completely in charge of manually approving your pingbacks?”

    TERRIFIC new blog, you’ve set up here. Quite elaborate. I’ll be watching (and participating) very closely.


    1. Thanks. 🙂

      There is a little context to the pingback stuff that you may not be aware of. Some contributors had been regulars at the Daily Post’s writing challenges and pingbacks had been broken over there for a while. And it was a big deal.

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