The Dewey Decimal System

Libraries can be inspirational.  (Photo is in the public domain.)

Who doesn’t love an old library?  (Photo is in the public domain.)

This week’s challenge starts with a game.

First, select four numbers between zero and nine.  If you like, you may choose two of a single number within this group of four.

Next, create three 3-digit numbers using your selections from the first step.

Next, visit this Dewey Decimal System website and find the subjects that match your three digit numbers.  If one of your results turns up “not assigned or no longer used,” you may create a new 3-digit number to replace it from the original four you selected.

Some results will be broad categories (diseases) and some will be more specific (Bible).  For any broad category you turn up, choose something specific within that category.  Specific topics can be kept as-is.

This will leave you with three things that must be incorporated into your post this week.  However, this should not be an exercise in one-mention-and-done.  Elevate your three results to the level of setting, character, theme, or other major component in your post.



      1. The title is fine; there’s not any requirement about what you call the post. And the essay was good. (I make it a point not to provide specific feedback about writing because each blog has its unique needs and audience. What works on one blog might not work on another.)

      1. I noticed that but the post seemed like one that worked out well for you. However, I guess that means you have another topic for today. 🙂

  1. Did you know that the Dewey Decimal system was co-invented by Admiral Dewey (of the battle of Manila Bay fame), and Charles Decimal, the inventor of all the numbers except O (zero)… (which was invented by the Arabs back when we could still call them Arabs)… ?

  2. No, never mind, in an ideal future world maybe they will… some archives have good open access, guess it takes a lot of human hours input though and there’s already so much to find…best wishes 🙂

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