Dick Cheney’s Sex Appeal

Happiness is a beautiful thing.  (Photo came from this site by way of a Google Images search.)

Happiness is a beautiful thing. (Photo came from this site by way of a Google Images search.)

Are you laughing?  If so, existing research can offer a reason for that.  Humor is often structured as the juxtaposition or integration of two things that don’t go together.  It might be that “Dick Cheney” and “sex appeal” are incongruent, that “sex appeal” and that scowl in the picture don’t go together, or that a post containing the words “sex appeal” doesn’t seem to fit on this blog.  Whatever the reason, this post’s title surely got your attention.

By the same token, you might be surprised to see that this post is written in a serious tone without the undercurrents of humor or innuendo you found in the title.  If anything, the outrageous title proved to be  sober explanation of what you found when you read further.

For this week’s challenge, your title should create humor by bringing together two things that one does not normally see together.  The two things might both appear in your title or you might create a clash between your title and the picture everyone will see immediately.  Alternately, you could choose a title that will grab your regular readers’ attention for being far outside the scope of your normal tone and focus.  Whatever you choose, make sure that your post is serious yet still relevant to the title you used for your starting point.

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