Deep Within the Castle Walls

This would be a dream come true, but I'm not holding my breath.  (Photo credit: Mary Harrsch)

This would be a dream come true… but I’m not holding my breath. (Photo credit: Mary Harrsch)

Travel is usually a pleasure.  The change in scenery soothes weary eyes while the sights often lift the spirits.  Of course, the fortunate traveler also discovers excellent restaurants that deliver local recipes.

And then we have the eating establishments that are located inside the tourist attractions.  They’re kind of like school cafeterias except the cooks know you’re not coming back… so there’s little reason for them to make the food edible.  Some of these so-called restaurants are merely “not good” in the sense of airplane food but some look like they’d redefine the entire concept of food poisoning.

With that in mind, this week’s challenge offers several possibilities:

1- Recount an experience of eating at a tourist attraction.  What made you decide to eat there and how did the food compare to the surroundings?

2- Think of a tourist destination that you would not expect to have good food.  What is it about the location that would lead you away from culinary delights on the premises?

3- If you’ve had good food at a tourist destination, tell us about the meal.  Also provide the location so that readers can benefit.

4- Propose the establishment of a restaurant at a tourist attraction of your choice.  Include a basic business strategy and discuss why such a restaurant would be appropriate or profitable at the location you choose.

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